Happy Bunnies!!!

Hey y’all!!!

This Easter stuff is wild man!!!  Chocolate, bunnies, chicks!  Closed shops! Yes I said closed shops!!!  Religious things, strange things, and still, more chocolate! But who are we too complain ? 4 days off ‘aint to be sniffed at. NO INDEED!

We have spent our chocolate eating weekend, gardening, having easter visitors over and swapping various chocolate goodies, and being very lazy.  Well, not that lazy, the amount of time it took us to get this place de moonmaidened and habitable for normal folk took forever!

We got the puss n boots DVD as a non choclate gift and watched that last night!  It is very funny,  puss is his usual gorgeous self, and I don’t know about you, but I never trusted that Humpty guy in the first place!  “MEW!!”

So here’s some pics, don’t forget we still have 2 days off!

beautiful Saturday eve moon


Bodkin bunny!

Have a fabulous relaxing Sunday :>)  I’m off to dig over the veggie plot !




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