Film review – Pride (15)

“Mining communities are being bullied, just like we are!”

‘Pride’ is a comedy based on the true story of a support group set up by a gay and lesbian people to support Welsh miners during the miners strike of 1984.  Before I go on the review, it’s important to state that I am not objective when it comes to the miners’ strike.  I was only 10 years old when it began, but have an uncle who worked in the local mine for over 20 years and I went to school proudly wearing my ‘coal not dole!’ badge.  The film would’ve have to be atrocious for me not to enjoy it, but it’s not, and I loved it!….

During a gay pride march, Mark Ashton (played by Ben Schnetzer), decides to grab some buckets and raise some money for the miners who are on strike, after a successful impromptu collection, Mark decides to carry on supporting the miners and forms L.G.S.M. (lesbians and gays support the miners), with friends.  They make several failed attempts to join forces with the national union of mineworkers, so decide to find some miners to support and end up supporting a group of Welsh miners.

The feel and energy of this film is fantastic.  It shows just how much prejudice there was in Britain in 1984, and how the support group carried on, despite some severe prejudice from the very people they were trying to help!  Even when the press turns nasty branding the support group as ‘perverts’, they turn it to their advantage by claiming the label and hosting a ‘perverts and pits’ benefit gig.

Although it’s a very serious topic the film manages to inject humour without being disrespectful.  There’s a great soundtrack that even includes some Billy Bragg… Though it would be a crime not to include Mr Bragg on the soundtrack given the topic.

Everyone knows the miners did not win, but the film remains positive and by the end it still feels like they won :)
See it if you liked: Made in Dagenham

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