Red bum alert!


Wahhhhhhhhhhh! Bloody ice. Never mind about the snow…………btw we had none worth mentioning………but I did manage to slip on the only bit of ice out there.  My poor coccyx!  There’s no fat on the base of the spine, and boy did it slam into the icy tarmac!  But I’m still working,  dosed up with pain killers and surrounded by soft cushioning. LOL!!
It’s been a crazy busy start to the year, so we have been working non stop! Managed to have weekends off though and our new Kernow torbagging site is about to go live.
Also made the tastiest food ever! The best meat substitute known to man and you can make it yourself.  It does have a funny name. Seitan!  Here’s the recipe

Heat the oven to 180

1 cup vital wheat gluten

3 tablespoons nutritional yeast

3 tablespoons  of Bragg aminos and a splash of soya sauce.

sprinkle chilli flakes to taste

1 tablespoon oil

1/2 cup water or vegetable stock

So easy to make,  just put all the dry ingredients into a bowl,  mix all the wet ingredients in a jug, and then pour the liquid into the bowl and mix some more.   You knead it for a few minutes, shape into a ball, and then plop it out onto the worktop and slice the best way you can.  Not that easy, and yes it looks well weird but wait till you taste it!

Cook one side for 7 mins and the other for 5 mins. Done in an instant !

Just one word of caution.    DO NOT EAT IT ALL IN ONE GO !!! Yes it is incredibly delicious, but do try and use some restraint or else you will suffer. LOL!!
We’re totally loving CBB it’s one of the best.   Speidi are our favs, plus the lovely Rylan of course! D -red-full with a capital D LOL!  And of course the scandal, yes, scandal I say,  of Rylan leaving the house and going to rehearse for the unmissable x Factor. Tour!!!!!! Just a hint of sarcasm there.
It’s an entertainment show,  and it has been very entertaining so calm down people!

Without Rylan the show wouldn’t have been half as good! He puts the rama into drama,  and just as well, the other women in there were so dull.  Apart from Paula!  She was mega!
So we’ll be voting for Speidi ! USA all the way. LOL!
I feel Rylan has had more than enough attention, and we don’t want to push him over the edge!  …………I don’t think it would take much.

Here’s a pic of a beautiful sunset the other night when we went for a quick walk up St Agnes beacon :>)

Back to work stuff.  Some new designs for you.

Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing - Ostarian Bolero

Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing - Ostarian Skirt

Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing - Renaissance Maiden Top

Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing - Ostarian Top
Ostarian Bolero Ostarian Skirt Renaissance Maiden Top Ostarian Top

You’re welcome :>)
Have a fabulous week and please look out for the ice.  It’s a red bum alert.
Love you loads Sarah xxxxx

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