Bledhen Nowyth Da!

Bledhen Nowtyh Da!!!!!

Indeed!!! And to you too!!!

Here’s a little poem for you to wish you a happy and peaceful new year :>) Hopefully full of  nothing but good things and a whole lot of love!

As the year turns around, here we are once again.

So let’s light the candles, and gather round friends.

To a new start for all, what has passed shall remain.

Even though the real new year, started back with Samhain!


So let’s fire up the sparklers, as we drink the champagne,

And toast to the future, as we look to Beltane.

Let’s hope next December, there’s snow and good cheer,

And we’ll always remember the one’s we hold dear.

Have a good one everyone, and what ever you do, please DO NOT behave yourselves!!!  As I was told by a very wise woman this Christmas, you don’t want to ruin anything by behaving LOL!!!!!

New Year love coming your way Mwaaaahhhhhhh!



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